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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

Prima Vera - Acoustic Guitar Back and Side Sets

Figured Prima Vera guitar

Primavera (Cybistax donnell-smithii) sometimes called white or blonde mahogany grows in Central America and Mexico. It is creamy white to yellowish rose, sometimes tinted with pale brown, orange or pinkish stripes. Primavera is strong, medium textured, with straight to interlocking and wavy grain, sometimes with a ribbon or fiddle-back figure. It has a fairly high luster, is easily dried with little or no degrade, and has excellent polishing and finishing characteristics. Prima Vera has a tonal spectrum covering all the major bases; well defined trebles, clear mids and a deep bass make this an ideal choice for either classical or steel string makers.

We milled all of our Prima Vera guitar sets from 60 year old air dried lumber we acquired from a retired woodworker. If you're looking for something extraordinary, both well seasoned and tonally exceptional, try a set of our Prima Vera back and sides.




 Figured Prima Vera back and sides

Guitar courtesy of Batson Guitars