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Exceptional tonewoods for the discerning artisan

Paldao Guitar Sets

Paldao (Dracontomelum dao) is also known as New Guinea Walnut or Dao. The wood is found in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The grain is straight to interlocked with a moderate to fine texture. The heartwood varies from light brown, grayish, greenish yellow to reddish brown often with irregular dark brown to nearly black banding.  It bends and glues easily and works well with either machine or hand tools.  Tonally it's a cannon having similar density to that of Bocote.  You can expect a bright and lively tone with a nice blend of mids and highs.

We milled all of our Paldao guitar sets from 50 year old air dried lumber we acquired from a retired woodworker.   If you're looking for something extraordinary, both well seasoned and tonally exceptional, try a set of our Paldao back and sides.