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Gabon Ebony Guitar Sets

Gabon Ebony Guitar Sets

West African Ebony (Diospyros crassiflora) also known as Gaboon Ebony, Black Ebony, African Ebony, Nigerian Ebony and Cameroon Ebony is by no means new to the instrument making industry. Its hardness and durability made it the choice wood for guitar fingerboards and bridges for the past 50 years. The heartwood is usually jet-black with occasional dark brown or caramel brown streaks.
The grain of African Ebony is straight but can also be interlocked. The texture is very fine and even which lends itself well to polishing and finishing. It can be difficult to work due to its extremely high density but responds well to steam bending. The high density of African Ebony makes it an ideal back and side wood.
West African Ebony is very rare, costly to produce and expensive to purchase. This causes significant fluctuations in its availability. Colonial Tonewoods currently (12/16) works with mills who can legally and regularly provide this select material, however, this can change due to the sparsity of finding wood of the quality we demand.

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