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Guitar Bracewood

Adirondack (Red Spruce) bracewood acoustic guitar bracing

Colonial Tonewoods offers Adirondack “Red” Spruce bracewood to meet the needs of guitar manufacturers, individual builders and repair shops. Whether it's a new build or a vintage guitar restoration, we have the bracewood to get the job completed.

We mill and air dry all of our guitar bracewood from the same stock as our guitar soundboards, employing a labor intensive process of hand splitting spruce rounds into wedges to minimize grain run out. We then mill our wedges into rough sawn billets where the vertical grain runs the length of the bracewood. Each bracewood billet measures a minimum of 22” long by 1” thick and 2” wide with the quartersawn face running the length of the billet.

Billets will generally have fine latewood, may show some color variation with 12+ growth rings per inch and minimal grain runout.

On average you’ll need 2-3 pieces of bracewood per guitar.